South African Football Association (Safa) president Danny Jordaan has made a rallying call to put an end the abuse of 'black coaches' in South Africa urging the public to stop labeling them as 'cheap' appointments.


“What’s wrong with you (people)?” Jordaan asked during an interview with Independent Media. “Every time we appoint a white coach, you (people) are quiet. Every time we appoint a black coach, you come with the notion of a cheap coach.”


“Do you know that Shakes Mashaba earned more than Gordon Igesund, but he had to contend with what was said about him (being a cheap coach)?


“Who gives you these ideas. No! No, we must not insult these black coaches. Why didn’t you say that cricket coach (Enoch Nkwe) is a cheap coach? Do you know how much he earns? Or whether the coach before him (Ottis Gibson) earned more?


“Why is there an obsession that when there’s a South African coach and he is black he must be humiliated and insulted? Don’t ask me to be part of it,”